Waiting for my little one

Feb 15

Going to fast for the next 36 hours. Dant know why i picked that amount but oh well. Wish me luck :)

Jan 17

Today starts the ABC diet. I lost a pound this morning. Im so excited. I will lose the weight.

Aug 14

I get to weigh myself tomorrow. I’m so afraid of what the scale will say :(

Jul 12


I went over my calorie budget by 100 cals. I feel so horrible :(

Nov 08


I love the Zing gum.

Its so yummy, and it has no cals. :) Right now im chewing some so I wont eat till dinner. So far I have had today:

Breakfast- 2 servings of greenbeans with seasoning, 100 cals

Snack- fruit cup thing and butterfinger(very bad I know), 125 cals

Lunch- Mixed vegitables with seasonings and a fiber one bar,   205

Snack- gum, 0 cals

So thats a total of 430 cals. If I want to be good and stick to my 500 cal limit I can only eat 70 more calories. So im going to chew gum till dinner and at dinner I will have some plain greenbeans which will be 60, so technically I will be under my limit by 10 :) Now to stick to my plan. Wish me luck :) Stay Strong everyone <3


Jun 30

Something I have realized.

Well I just weighed myself. Im so pissed at myself. Im up to 169. How the hell did I let myself go that much. Ugh. Im a cow. Well anyways what I have realised is that I did really good when I was doing the fast, but when I started eating again I couldnt control myself. So I guess im just going to have to do a really long fast. If I just stop eating all together and treat it as if im fasting then I wont lose control. Maybe then I will lose weight. So I start now. No more junk food or soda. All im allowed to eat is an ocasional piece of fruit. And all I can drink is water and juice. Well tah tah for now. <3 Stay Strong everyone.


Jun 03

I know what im gunna do..

Yeah I know you guys are probably tired of me posting. But I have figured out what I am going to do. I am going to try and do a 3 day fast starting now. I figured since its the weekend and I wont have school I can just sleep through most of it. Sleeping will definatly keep me from eating. Plus I get really tired when I dont eat. Im excited about this. I need to keep this attitude if im going to complete this. Im so determined this time. I can do this. I can do this. Thats what I have to keep saying to myself. I should probably come up with a reward if I complete this. Maybe…..My new phone. If I go 3 complete days without eating I will buy myself a new phone. HTC Droid Incredible here I come :).